Jamie Mitchell

JAMIE MITCHELL is a native of Idaho. She was introduced to the Bikram series while living in Portland, OR. In 2002, she moved back to Boise and upon finding no Bikram Yoga classes available, Jamie took matters in to her own hands and attended the Yoga College of India for an extensive ten week teacher training program with Bikram Choudhury and his staff of senior teachers. She continues her life-long understanding of yoga by returning to teacher trainings regularly, aiding in teacher trainings, and attending workshops and seminars.

Jamie loves teaching yoga and being able to provide her clients with a path to peace, health and self awareness.

Sara "Storm" Colson

SARA STORM began her Bikram Yoga practice during the summer of 2005. Immediately she saw and felt many positive changes in her body and life. The yoga was especially helpful to help heal her body after many years of playing contact sports and engaging in outdoor activities.  After experiencing firsthand what the yoga did for her and also observing how it helped the other practitioners around her, she decided to make it more than her exercise routine and turn it into a way of life, by attending the Fall 2007 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Honolulu. 

Sara grew up in Idaho, and after traveling quite a bit she still loves to call Boise home. After all Boise is the home of her favorite Bikram teachers. The combination of both teaching and taking class has helped her to achieve more balance in her life,  and to grow and change for the better... ON SO MANY LEVELS! 

Nicole Vickerman

NICOLE VICKERMAN was born and raised in Caldwell, ID. She moved to Boise after graduating college in 2002. Nicole began practicing Bikram Yoga in November, 2007. After seeing the amazing improvements in flexibility, relief of all chronic back pain and, most importantly, peace and happiness inside herself, she knew that her mission was to teach yoga and help improve the lives of others. To that end, she attended teacher training in the spring of 2009.

Nicole always knew she wanted to be a teacher, she just didn’t know which subject. As a teacher of yoga, she believes that if she can make a positive impact on someone each day, no matter what it may be, that is success.

Rachel Bolles

RACHEL BOLLES’ yoga journey began February, 2004 after having her third child. She used it as a way to get back in shape. Soon after that first class, Rachel had ideas about becoming a Bikram Yoga teacher. Staying true to her desire and with the help of her family, in November, 2007 she attended teacher training in Hawaii.

Rachel has found yoga to be a source of strength and internal calm. She believes when you spend 90 minutes in a hot room, you can sweat away the stress and anxiety of a busy life.

Aliyah Jennings

ALIYAH JENNINGS is an Idaho native who has always enjoyed staying healthy and active. When challenged by a friend to do her own 20 for 20 in the Fall of 2009, she was hooked! The mental challenge was unlike anything she had faced and once it became clear that a healthy body needs a healthy mind to balance it out, she decided this had to be a permanent part of her life. Not knowing exactly what that would mean, she kept showing up on the mat, just like everyone else who needs healing.

After graduating from BSU in 2010, she was finally able to attend Bikram Teacher Training in Fall of 2011 and, after 9 weeks of intense learning, returned to Boise to share her knowledge. Teaching is the most rewarding job she has ever known!

Becca Tegen

BECCA TEGEN was born and raised in Boise Idaho and has always had a burning desire to explore the world.   After moving to New York, she was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2005 while living in Manhattan.  By the end of her first class, she felt a deep sense of peace and clarity; she loved the consistency, heat and challenge of Bikram and knew she had found something that she truly loved. 

Becca completed a 60 day challenge in April of 2010.  The changes she began to see in herself - mentally, physically and emotionally were amazing.  She began to cope much better under stressful situations and found her overall attitude towards life to be a lot more relaxed and positive.  She knew she wanted to be more involved with the yoga and exactly one year later was able to attend the Spring 2011 Bikram Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles.  She feels deeply fortunate to have gained the skills to offer the benefits of the practice to others and is honored to be part of the amazing Bikram community!   

Scott Helton

SCOTT HELTON is an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, rock-climber and an action sports guy, constantly searching for the thrill of that zen-like flow state of being totally present and fixed in the moment. He is also curious about metaphysics, bigger picture questions, Eastern philosophy, and paths to self-realization. With Bikram Yoga, he was finally able to combine those interests, along with a total body workout that brought numerous mental benefits, as well. In the fall of 2009, he decided to attend the teacher training program, where he learned from senior instructors and Bikram himself.

For Scott, Bikram Yoga has provided immediate and exponential improvements in his physical health, flexibility, but mostly in his mental and emotional well being.